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When out browsing the market for a stair lift, the majority of the stair lifts that you simply come across are going to be new, even so You may even see some which have been used. What are the dissimilarities exactly, or the challenges involved with getting a used stair lift?

Firstly, each stair carry which is produced, has a SonderCare - elderly medical equipment monitor that may be custom made constructed for a particular stair circumstance. So Except your stair situation is similar to just what the utilised stair lifts observe was Lower for, it will not be a good suit. On the other hand, it is achievable to cut the monitor In the event your stair scenario is shorter in comparison to the stair carry monitor you will be considering nevertheless the tracks can not be lengthened.

A different massive challenge with acquiring a utilized stair elevate, is that you never obtain the warranty that you'd on a brand new stair elevate. You could obtain a A lot shorter guarantee, or chances are you'll get no guarantee at all on employed stair lifts. Together with the complete manufacturing unit guarantee you're shielding your expense, supplying on your own considerably more comfort and if one thing does go wrong inside your guarantee period of time, youre coated. You wont really need to pay added for someone to come out and repair the stair lift.

There's also the issue of value. Any utilised stair carry will have a cheaper price than a new a single, nevertheless, is the difference that major? In addition it depends on the brand, there's a chance you're able to acquire a made use of stair carry of 1 brand for the price of a new among another brand name.

Lets say we've been investigating the same brand name of stair lifts, just one made use of, a person new. The employed might be priced reduce, but probably only two hundred bucks or so decreased. What are you truly finding? That you are getting a rather reduce priced stair elevate that's utilized, small to no warranty and no ensure if they've a track that should match your stair case.


For anyone who is wanting a stair elevate, then probably you need something that will just do the job, correctly and reliably, and not worry about it. For the cost and warranty change, I might say your best bet is to acquire a new stair lift as an alternative to a used 1.